Inauguration of eight hybrid mini-grids in Mali

Inauguration of eight hybrid mini-grids in Mali

On the 25th June 2014, after 3 years of operation, the Foundation Rural Energy Services (FRES) in...

Annual report 2013

Annual report 2013

Hereby we present the FRES 2013 annual report. We provide an overview of our activities during the...

FRES Infographic 2013

FRES Infographic 2013

As of year-end 2013, FRES's 5 local companies provided 30,252 households, businesses and community...

  • Inauguration of eight hybrid mini-grids in Mali

  • Annual report 2013

  • FRES Infographic 2013

News Flash

○ FRES & PUM are making a great team. Read what they have achieved so far in the fall edition of PUM Magazine (in Dutch).

○ Last June 8 mini-grids at Yeelen Kura (Mali) were inaugurated. Watch the video of the ceremony.

FRES Uganda is developing a new business plan, and FRES Guinee-Bissau is growing steadily.

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FRES helps to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals by providing people in Africa with affordable electricity in a sustainable way, preferably generated with solar energy. Through the provision of electricity, FRES contributes to fighting poverty by increasing employment and improving living conditions in developing countries.

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