We are hiring!

FRES Netherlands is currently looking to fill the position of a Regional Operations Manager. If you are interested, please apply before 18 March 2019.

In this job you will be responsible for supervising the FRES operations in a number of FRES companies in Africa. You will be a member of the FRES Netherlands (FRES NL) team and a member of the Board of Directors of local FRES companies, and you will report to the Managing Director of FRES NL.

Your role is to co-develop and agree objectives and strategy for the FRES Companies concerned. You will supervise the effective operation of these companies, ensure that their strategies are aligned with, and that their interest is represented in the overall FRES Business strategies and plans. You will govern (control and guide) the FRES companies, actively support their management to improve the company’s operations and assist them in ensuring that they meet their objectives.

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